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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pundai Tamil Pundai Story Athai Pundai Akka Pundai

Tamil Pundai Story

This is a hot story of two friends named Vikas and Rakesh who had gone in a marriage in their village. Vikas had to go in the village for a marriage, he asked his friend Rakesh. They were very closed friend so he agrees. It was a time of February end and there were greenery every where. They had not seen that kind of natural picture of beauty before. They meet with a beautiful girl named rakhi in the marriage. Vikas was gazing her and she was also. Vikas gave a light smile and she also react the same. She was not very beautiful but also not so bad. She had a fair skin and long hair, black eyes with lovely attitude. In the whole session of marriage party they both were looking and gazing each other. Vikas also told his friend about her.

In the night she gave him a clue and went in dark corner where no body could see them. He got the clue and went beside her. She asked about him and his friend. He told every thing about himself and his friend. Then she went again in the party. At around 12 pm everybody was busy most of the peoples had gone for sleeping. She again called him and gave talked more about him.

Next morning vikas asked rakhi to meet her at some lonely place. She told that between 7 to 8 she will go for latrine in the fields. She asked to meet her there. The boys were waiting for her in the evening. After some time he show two girls were coming out from the village. Both the girls were of the almost same age the boy also. In winter evening nobody come out from the house as it got dark soon. She asked them to move further. The boys went in the fields so that nobody could show them. There were long harvest in the fields and it was impossible to trace some one. She and her friend also went at the same place. All the four peoples sit there and talked for 2 or 3 minutes. After that vikas kissed rakhi and rakesh and other girl were went from there. They went further deep in the field.

Then vikas kissed rakhi many times on her cheeks, on her neck. She was also kissing him. Soon they both become hot and started taking fun with their bodies. Vikash massaged her breast and put down her bra. Then he tried to do the main thing but he girl denied. On the other hand rakesh and her friend were also enjoying with each other. He also took her kiss and played with her a lot in the fields. After some time both the girls went form there. the boys went from the other side of the field. They stay there for five days and have enjoyed with both the girls. But they did not get success in making closed body relations. After coming from the village they are now planning again to go in the village

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